Meet our fleet
16 vessels:
  • 8 vessels for the transportation of general and dry bulk cargo
  • 6 tankers for the transportation of liquid bulks
  • 2 passenger and cargo vessels serving the Middle and Lower North Shore

All vessels fly the Canadian flag and are operated by Canadian crews, except a few vessels when used for international trade

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M/T Dara Desgagnés
Download technical data
M/T Esta Desgagnés
Download technical data
M/T Jana Desgagnés
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M/T Maria Desgagnés
Double-hulled chemical tanker built in 1999 in Shanghai for
Groupe Desgagnés
Download technical data
M/T Sarah Desgagnés
Double hull oil and chemical tanker built in Tuzla, Turkey in 2007
Download technical data
M/T Thalassa Desgagnés
New version of the M/T Rio Orinoco converted into a double-hulled oil and asphalt tanker
Download technical data
M/V Amélia Desgagnés
General cargo carrier rated Lloyd's 100 1A for navigation through ice and equipped with 4 cranes with a capacity of 10 MT each and two 3 m3 buckets
Download technical data
M/V Anna Desgagnés
Multipurpose RO/LO vessel equipped with a crane capable of lifting up to 125 tons
Download technical data
M/V Bella Desgagnés
Passenger and cargo vessel serving Anticosti Island and the Lower North Shore.
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M/V Camilla Desgagnés
Sto-Ro-Lo sideloader vessel. First vessel to merit the ICI ON RECYCLE! (Here we recycle in French) certification. Level 3 performance certificate, grade Silver.
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Claude A. Desgagnes
A cargo vessel of nearly 139 meters in length, with 20,000 cubic meters of total capacity of freight in her holds and on the main deck, equipped with two cranes of 150 mt which can be twinned to lift 300 mt, ice classed 1A and fitted with an engine of 5400 kW (7344 hp) which allows her to reach a speed of 15.5 knots.
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M/V Mélissa Desgagnés
General cargo carrier equipped with 2 cranes with a lifting capacity of 15 MT each and 2 buckets with a capacity of 3.5m3
Download technical data
M/V Nordik Express
Passenger and cargo vessel
Download technical data
M/V Rosaire A. Desgagnés
Multipurpose heavy lift tweendeck ship, equipped with 2 cranes of 120 mt each that can be combined to lift 240 mt.
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M/V Sedna Desgagnés
Multipurpose tweendeck, Lo-Lo cargo ship, able to carry heavy payloads and with a deadweight of 12,744 mt. She is equipped with two 180 mt cranes, which may be deployed to lift 360 mt in tandem.
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M/V Zélada Desgagnés
Sister ship to the M/V Sedna Desgagnés with a deadweight of 12,744 mt. Her two 180 mt cranes may be deployed to lift 360 mt in tandem.
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