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12 loading docks!
An invitation to high adventure
Treat yourself to a 4 to 7 day cruise!
Depart from Natashquan, Havre-Saint-Pierre, Sept-Îles, Rimouski, or Blanc-Sablon for your Lower North Shore cruise on board the M/V Bella Desgagnés. Explore the villages while the crew loads and unloads the cargo. Pay special attention to the ship's arrival at North Shore localities - an eagerly awaited event the residents welcome warmly!
Explore the Lower North Shore by sea!
Drive to Havre-Saint-Pierre and visit the Mingan Archipelago. Set aside at least 2 to 3 days to enjoy the town and national park. You can leave your car at the port while exploring the Lower North Shore on board the M/V Bella Desgagnés.

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Don't miss the boat
Be on time! The M/V Bella Desgagnés leaves Havre-Saint-Pierre on Wednesday morning for a 4 day round-trip cruise of adventure and discovery
Discover Anticosti Island and Port-Menier
Anticosti - an island, a world of its own! Depart from Havre-Saint-Pierre Sunday morning for a 2 night island cruise, or leave Rimouski on Monday night for a 1 week trip (2 nights aboard the ship plus 5 nights on the island). You can even extend your trip by waiting for the M/V Bella Desgagnés next visit. Contact "Association touristique régionale de Duplessis" ( or 1-888-463-0808) to reserve your accommodation in advance.
En route to or from Newfoundland!
Whether you're heading to or from Newfoundland, the M/V Bella Desgagnés provides a relaxing 2 to 4 day cruise along the way. Join the thousands who make the big loop through the Maritime provinces and the Lower North Shore on their trip to Newfoundland. To get there, you can board at Rimouski (Monday), Sept-Îles (Tuesday morning), Havre-Saint-Pierre (Wednesday morning), or Natashquan (Wednesday afternoon). To return, board the M/V Bella Desgagnés at Blanc-Sablon (Friday morning). Relais Nordik transports your vehicle safely on the ship's deck.
Tour Blanc-Sablon
An unforgettable 1 to 3 day excursion. Savor the seafood for which the village is famous and admire the breathtaking sunrises.

Road connections to Labrador allow travelers to discover major historic sites, including Pointe d'Amour lighthouse and Red Bay, the location of numerous shipwrecks. In addition, Highway 138 connects to the Quebec villages of Middle Bay, Rivière-Saint-Paul, and Vieux-Fort. Rental cars available. Known by Basque fisherman and explorer Jacques Cartier, this Lower North Shore area is increasingly attracting archeologists interested in its pre-European human activity.

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Get off the ship and stay longer to explore these Lower North Shore locations
Sept-Îles (Middle North Shore)
  • Archipelago of seven islands
  • Vieux-Poste historic site
  • Regional museum
  • Pheasant farm La Faisanderie des îles
  • Le Shaputuan, a hub for cultural activities
Port-Menier (Anticosti Island)
  • The site of Château Menier
  • Maison des artisans crafthouse
  • Deer wandering at the edge of town
  • Rivière à la Patate cavern, discovered in 1981, with its 625 meters of galleries
  • Anticosti ecomuseum (history of the island and its natural environment)
Havre-Saint-Pierre (gateway to Lower North Shore)
  • Cultural heritage and interpretation center
  • Mingan Archipelago
  • Old Clarke and Hudson Bay Company store, with a permanent exhibition on the history of Havre-Saint-Pierre
Natashquan, Aguanish, Pointe-Parent, îles à Michon
  • Scenic coastal and inland villages
  • Magnificent traditional fish sheds (or "galets")
  • Natashquan river falls
  • Pointe-Parent Montagnais village
  • Bord du Cap interpretation center, with a reconstruction of Natashquan's first general store
  • Roads of crushed clamshells
  • Fish factory
  • Wreck of the Brion
La Romaine
  • Île à la Brume (marine bird sanctuary)
  • Salmon fishing on Rivière Olomane
  • Unique local crafts
Harrington Harbour
  • Small houses built on the rock
  • Wooden village sidewalks
  • Christ Church (small Anglican church built in 1896)
  • Guided tour of Marguerite Grotto
  • Tour of the Village of Chevery
  • Whale-shaped mountain
  • Guided village tour
  • Guided tour of Île Providence
  • Île Kenty (site of the first house built on the archipelago, as well as the first chapel and cemetery)
La Tabatière and Baie-des-Moutons
  • Fish and scallop factory (sea scallops)
  • Robertson family foundry and cemetery
  • Cliffside houses
Saint-Augustin and neighboring islands
  • Tour of Baie Shékatica scallop farm
  • Charming village
  • Spectacular ocean access via the "rigolets" inwater channel
  • Magnificent beaches
  • Quebec's easternmost town, on the Labrador border
  • Blanc-Sablon-St. Barbe, Newfoundland ferry (roughly a 1 hour and a half trip)
  • Tour of Île au Bois
  • Capelin spawning
  • Red Bay historic site
Passengers on the Bella Desgagnés wishing to disembark at the various ports should note that the ship only stops to load and unload cargo and stopovers last approximately one (1) to two (2) hours. If you would like to stay longer to explore the tourist attractions of the Lower North Shore, you may do so and then reembark the ship a few days later. Contact the Association touristique régionale de Duplessis (Duplessis Regional Tourism Association) for more information on lodging (please note that onshore lodging is not included in the Relais Nordik package).

During summer season, the Coopérative de solidarité en tourisme équitable (CoSte) organizes shore excursion with fees ($). For more informations, please visit CoSte’s web site. ( Please note that places are limited, we recommend you reserve your places in advance.

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